Cozy Home Session // Faul Family

This little family is full of life.

 From the very first email with Madeline, she exuded the kind of hospitality that makes strangers feel like family. Matt and lil’ Russell were also quick to welcome me into their home as we sipped coffee, snuggled Russ, and spent a Saturday doing life together.

This family has chosen a beautiful, simple, and honest way of living. They’ve kept certain things small intentionally. They choose to be wise. They are generous and kind. They’ve made conscious yeses and nos as individuals and a family.

They left me inspired…

And on a bit of a high from the SWEET gifts they got me (including a hedgehog succulent planter – my heart burst!).  It’s the greatest honor when people invite me into their lives, not just to be their photographer, but also their friend. The Fauls are experts at doing just that.

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