The Burning Ones Always Find Each Other

One of my favorite moments at our wedding was a simple conversation during the reception with my much loved, “camp moms.” These two women have been mentors, friends, and inspirations to be for many years. One of them asked me if most of the young adults attending our wedding were friends from our church and when she heard that they were responded with, “I could tell. During the worship song you did for the ceremony, there was a big group of them all singing and I could tell that these people worship together.”

She could tell that this group of young people worship together.

My heart about exploded. WE DO! We do worship together. A lot, in fact. Actually, most of us are part of a worship movement in our city. We tend to go for hours and hours and hours. So yes, we are a people who worship together. And yes, I love it that others can see that in us.


The Burning Ones Always Find Each Other.

This is a phrase that I kindly stole from my friend Ander Sawchuk. We have an understanding in our friendship that we’re allowed to borrow words from each other – so it’s totally kosher to make it one of my life anthems.

When I say that the Burning Ones always find each other, this is what I mean:

If you are burning for the “more” of God – hungry and desperate for His Presence – then you will attract people who are the same way.

Maybe it seems too simple, but it works. There’s something about pursuing God with everything you are that forms a natural community around you. When you go where you see God moving and love like you see God loving, you wind up finding others who are doing the same. Some places, it’s easier to find a multitude and some places you may only find one – but you will find someone whose heart is like yours.

by Caleb Alnes

In Fargo, something is stirring.

It has been for a long time. There’s an undercurrent of people who are desperate for God and who hunger to worship Him. This is more than just about events or churches, it’s a movement of worshippers who want nothing more than to just adore the one they love. There’s something sweet and innocent about it in a way where you feel like there must be a catch because it’s just so good.

By no means are the people perfect. Of course, there are messes and hurt feelings that exist. There’s always room for growth. Yet when you have a group of people who are dedicated to remembering and proclaiming how good God is, a lot of little things fade away. There’s a simplicity to it – nobody is there to debate theology, make a name for themselves, or further an agenda. It’s all about Jesus. As it should be.

While I see this heartbeat and movement present in my church, in the homes of friends, and in other ministries and churches in our city, it’s clearly represented in The Burn. While belonging to a global movement of worship, what has been created in our city has its own Fargo flair. In the last year, they’ve hosted 100s of hours of worship. This weekend alone, it was 40 hours. We’re talking through the night, nonstop, joining with heaven’s continuous praise party sort of deal.

This movement happened because God was stirring up hearts to burn.

by Micah Jasperse

We are not as alone as we think we are.

No matter if you’ve been seen as “too spiritual” or “too weird” or “too whatever,” there are others who’ve felt the same way. If you’ve been held back by shame or by fear, there are others who have found freedom who would love to share it with you.

This is what I believe is the key: be who you want to attract and go to the places that will attract like-minded people. 

In branding speak, this would be the much-Pinned phrase, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” It might be cliche, but it’s actually really true. What you have inside of yourself and what you release into the world will help you find kindred spirits. If you’re content with a life that goes through all the motions, those will be the people around you. If you are consumed by love for God and cannot be contained – then you’ll find others who are the same.

I’m not about a three-step process to anything.

I’m all about messy and organic and starting with the heart then letting things flow naturally. And yet, I think there actually some steps here:

  1. Go after God with abandon.
  2. Go anywhere that others are doing the same.
  3. Stick around long enough to be their friends.

Maybe I sound naive, but I do believe it’s that simple.

Burn. Then your Burning Ones will find you.

by Micah Jasperse

If you have questions about The Burn Fargo-Moorhead, feel free to reach out to me! If you’re local, come join us during one of our monthly Burns.

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