What I Know About Your Heart

You are unique.

I know that. You know that.

You are a combination of a million moments colliding. Psychology would say you are an inseparable product of nature and nurture. Your life is the sum of all your experiences, your culture, your personality and any factor we could imagine.

All this adds up to you being different than anyone else.

So why am I claiming to know your heart?

Because in all your uniqueness, you’re still human. Beautifully human.

While our perceptions may be unique, there’s something about the human experience that bonds us together. We all have shared needs, fears, and desires that sit deep in our hearts – making us not so different after all.

You probably already know that. You probably have seen that evidence on repeat in your life.

So I’m going to get to the point…

Your heart desires wholeness.

Your heart desires connection.

Your heart desires purpose.

Your heart desires to be known.  

Your heart desires love without conditions.

My heart does too.

I’m learning to listen better to my heart, finding that it knows way more than my head gives it credit for. (My head can be a bit of a know-it-all sometimes…)

Recently, I’ve been introduced to a ministry of inner healing called HeartSync and it’s all about having a whole, connected, and mended heart. It’s based on lots of biblical background, but the best is that it’s part of the very mission of Jesus – to heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.

Jesus came to heal our hearts (Isaiah 61). He came to bring the fullness of connection and love. He came to take every wound, every grief, every trauma upon himself (Isaiah 53). 

A heart surrendered to Jesus is a heart full of the Holy Spirit.

This means that our hearts are good.

Our hearts are an essential part of connecting to God.

Our hearts hold treasure.

Hannah Brencher wrote a simple prayer that I stole long ago and it goes, “Do what it takes to make me your gold.” In all the fires, in all the blaze – I had to pray that it would turn me to gold somehow, someway.

A few years back during a worship night, God showed me a picture in my mind of my heart. It was made of gold. Absolutely dripping with gold – solid precious gold. And in the refining process, it was become purer and purer. But God spoke to me in that moment and said, “Your heart has always been gold. That’s how I made it from the beginning. It’s just being refined. Purer and purer. Clearer and clearer. But the substance? Even when mixed with mess? That was still gold.”

That word wrecked me in the best way.

I already possess what I was praying for.

It’s not bad to pray to be made into gold – I think that’s still beautiful and there’s a constant refining process. But the reality is, the process of making pure gold still starts with gold.

Your heart is gold. Today. As is.

Your heart is gold.

Sink into that fact – God looks at your heart and He sees gold. He sees something so precious, so valuable, and so good. It can be hard to wrap our minds around as we walk through the mess of life and the mess our hearts can make sometimes. Our wounds sometimes seep out and spill into everything else. I get that. I’m there too most days.

And yet, the stuff we’re made of?

We have real treasure inside of us.

So lean into the treasure trove.

Listen to your heart.

It has something to tell you.

If you’re ready to listen closer and love your heart a bit deeper, I invite you into this prayer:

Jesus, thank you for my heart. Thank you for the price you paid for me to have wholeness, healing, and connection with you. Let me not take that for granted by silencing my own heart or ignoring its needs. Let me not hold on to the hurt that this life has piled upon my heart, but rather surrender this pain to you. Fill my heart completely with the Holy Spirit, connecting me constantly deeper and closer to you. I love you, Jesus and I love my heart.

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