Megan + Matt // Fargo Wedding Photographer

Megan is someone that I’ve looked up to for several years.

Not only is she kind, compassionate, and peaceful, she is also adventurous and bold. Before we even met, I heard stories about her trips overseas and how she was the type of person so willing to just go. The reputation of her willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit in all things preceded her presence. As I’ve gotten to know her, all these things have proved to be true.

Matt has a similar reputation. As friends and family shared speeches, the same thought was echoed for both that the standard for a life partner was pretty high. Both display such amazing character traits from being incredibly hard-working, being some of the kindest souls, and having a major silly streak.

These two have blessed my life and it was such an honor to capture the beginning of the life they’re building together.

Venue: Burning Hearts Church, Plains Art MuseumHjemkomst Center

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