What I Want You to Know About the Rebrand

Well, it’s here. The new website is live.

For months, I’ve been trying to think of what words I’d share with you to explain the changes being made and nothing felt quite right. So I’m simply sitting here on launch day, sharing my heart with all the real-time feels.

In January, I was in the birthplace of all good ideas (the shower) problem solving how to present myself on the internet. How do I nurture + grow the dream of being a writer while still paying my bills with photography + honoring my clients online? It became clear that what I needed to do was merge my writing and photography.

This was a scary move in many ways, one that took a lot of time and processing. I knew from the beginning that my messaging needed to be super clear, but I didn’t expect it to take 4 full months before I was ready to release it.

Here we are. It’s go time.

No more tweaking and perfecting and second-guessing and changing. (Okay, maybe a little.)

This creation is out in the world.

I hope you enjoy it. I really do.

Caleb and I both put in a lot of hours into this thing. Caleb deserves a million high fives (and at least a dozen kisses from me) for all the work he put into designing this website, especially on a platform he wasn’t familiar with. He’s gone above and beyond, as he always does.

There’s a lot of things I could say, but this is what I really want you to know:

Fear wanted to steal this website and this rebrand.

While creating this website, I wrestled with crippling anxiety. At one point, I freaked out about how stupid I felt making a brand centered on my name and changed the password so Caleb couldn’t edit it. (Seriously. Super mature, right?)

Fear says that what I’m doing doesn’t matter.

Fear says that I’m going to look stupid.

Fear says that I should just stick to the status quo and not reach for big dreams.

Fear says that it’s proud and silly to think that I could “make it” as a writer (or speaker or influencer).

Fear says that no one cares what I have to say and I won’t impact anyone’s life.

But Fear is a liar.

Being ruled by fear is no way to live a life. Being ruled by fear is no way to run a business or build a family or write words or do anything that’s worth doing. Whenever you do something worthwhile, I can almost promise you that fear is going to try to crash the party. Fear wants to see us stuck playing small and running away. The last thing that Fear wants us to do is to show up despite it.

This is me showing up.

This is me facing fear.

This is me saying that honestly? I’m more nervous to shove this site into the world than excited.

I don’t have everything put together or figured out or perfected. I never will. Please don’t expect that from me. I can’t promise neat, tidy, or perfect.

I can promise that I’ll keep showing up.

Even when fear & anxiety make me want to run and even when I feel like I don’t have that much to offer you. Even when I don’t have the right words and even when I  have too many words. Even when my life is a mess and even when life feels a little too good to be true. Even when I don’t really feel like it, I’ll keep showing up.

If you need something, well, I can’t promise that I’m going to be able to perfectly fulfill it, but I can either try or be honest about my own limitations and point you somewhere else.

My prayer for this website, my writing, and my life is this:

May the people who come into contact with me feel better equipped for their journey and encouraged to keep going. May you see a God who is no respecter of persons and capable of doing whatever He wants through simple yeses. May shame be broken off and may some of the heaviness of life be lifted from your shoulders. May you find a safe and honest space in my presence. May you be drawn more to God’s Presence through mine. May I learn daily how to keep showing up, loving my heart out, and becoming the person God always intended me to be. May we hold hands on this crazy life journey and see God’s faithfulness present in every step.

That is my heart for you today and every day.

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  1. erickajen

    May 29th, 2018 at 8:06 pm


    this is the most natural, perfect thing in the world. i wish you had SAID something earlier on, we all would have encouraged you instead of letting you sit in your fears alone.

    i mean, even when i think of you writing a book… if there isnt photography in the book its almost not yours. 😛

    and if there isnt words with your photography there would almost be no point.

    even way way back – your photography was about STORYTELLING. remember that? that was something that drew me to you. i didnt just want to have family pictures, i wanted to have our story. and its part of the reason why having you at such a distance simply sucks. photographers are a dime a dozen – STORYTELLERS are rare.

    you tell that fear to get the frak out of here. this is what you’ve BEEN DOING – i never compartmentalized your work in MY head – it was always about words AND photography as a unit – OLIVIA IS WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHY.

    some meanings of OLIVIA include “olive tree/olive branch” and olive trees and branches meant peace and friendship… i just keep seeing circles.

    now im going to dive into my little aspie brain a minute here so this might make NO sense to you at all,

    when i think of writing, i think of flat paper and printed words. when i think of photography – again, flat photo paper and posing or whatever. they are kinda “flat” on their own

    but TOGETHER? all i see is a circle. when you have words, it makes the photography feel like 3D.

    anyway, i just felt inspired to write all that craziness, now im going to sit here in my fear that you are going to think im crazy too (even tho at 35, im MUCH better at telling myself that im perfectly ok even if you do think im crazy, and that crazy makes the world go ’round) 😉 😛 😛

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