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Writer + photographer + DREAMER

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Hello friends, This little note to you all has been hard to write. In this season of transition, wrapping my words around all the feelings and giving them to you in a clear & concise way has too often led to pages of backstory or explaining. To try to minimize my own rambles, I’m going […]

Important Announcement // A New Chapter

August 27, 2018

These dreams are a little less shiny. They aren’t always going to translate into a lot of praise from others or social media fame. They aren’t fancy. They don’t look like traveling the world or receiving accolades. They look more like dreams for a simple, wholehearted life that’s truly aligned with my values and desires.

How to Dream in a Healing Season

July 3, 2018

Megan is someone that I’ve looked up to for several years. Not only is she kind, compassionate, and peaceful, she is also adventurous and bold. Before we even met, I heard stories about her trips overseas and how she was the type of person so willing to just go. The reputation of her willingness to […]

Megan + Matt // Fargo Wedding Photographer

May 28, 2018

Leaning into the grief is removing the pressure from the situation. By allowing – even inviting – grief to happen, we can give it the space to be experienced and moved past.
Grief does not just go away.
We cannot wish or will it to disappear. We cannot ignore it forever. We cannot go around it – we have to go through it.

Lean into Grief

May 10, 2018

Freedom is choosing to pitch a tent and make a home out of a breathtaking wilderness. There is fresh water flowing from underground springs, bubbling up and inviting you to take a taste. There are trees that provide shelter and rocks to climb and explore. There is a waterfall for beauty and refreshment of your soul.

Camping Out in Freedom

March 14, 2018

Healing in a process. And sometimes it feels freaking long and doesn’t follow your timeline. Sometimes you’ll find deeper layers of hurt, pain, and brokenness once you deal with the surface level junk. Those layers aren’t being revealed for your destruction but your wholeness.

For the Days When You’re Back in the Pain

February 22, 2018


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