Writer + photographer + DREAMER

Writer + photographer + DREAMER

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“Honey, sometimes it isn’t about going back to normal. Maybe you need to create a new normal.” That was the advice that my mother gave me the first time I wrestled depression at the age of 15. It’s stuck with me through the years, through crisis and transition and health challenges. Whenever I face another […]

How to Find a New Normal in the Messy Middle

January 29, 2019

These dreams are a little less shiny. They aren’t always going to translate into a lot of praise from others or social media fame. They aren’t fancy. They don’t look like traveling the world or receiving accolades. They look more like dreams for a simple, wholehearted life that’s truly aligned with my values and desires.

How to Dream in a Healing Season

July 3, 2018

Healing in a process. And sometimes it feels freaking long and doesn’t follow your timeline. Sometimes you’ll find deeper layers of hurt, pain, and brokenness once you deal with the surface level junk. Those layers aren’t being revealed for your destruction but your wholeness.

For the Days When You’re Back in the Pain

February 22, 2018

In the beginning of January, I was wiped. I’ll talk more in the future about the burn-out I experienced this year. As for now, I’ll say that it wasn’t pretty. The New Year started and I was not in an awesome place. Something needed to change. While watching Hannah Brencher’s Year of The Book course, I […]

8 Important Lessons from a Month off Social Media

February 5, 2018

Some years, Christmas is anything but holly & jolly. When tragedy, heartbreak, and loss strike your life, the holidays seem to take the hardest hit. Everywhere there are reminders of the tension between what should be and reality. You see the gaps, the missing pieces, and part of your heart feels as if it has […]

When the World isn’t Merry & Bright

November 30, 2017


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