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Writer + photographer + DREAMER

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Freedom is choosing to pitch a tent and make a home out of a breathtaking wilderness. There is fresh water flowing from underground springs, bubbling up and inviting you to take a taste. There are trees that provide shelter and rocks to climb and explore. There is a waterfall for beauty and refreshment of your soul.

Camping Out in Freedom

March 14, 2018

We met at the downtown coffee shop. As I drove there, I blasted “Beautiful Surrender” by the Jonathan & Melissa Helser through my car speakers and prayed a lot. It was my first date in two and a half years. After our impromptu (a story for another day) four hour conversation days before, I had a feeling that being together would at least be fun, but my heart was still nervous to get my hopes up too high.

All I really knew was that this dimply barista boy was majorly precious and insanely kind.

One Year With Caleb the Latte Boy

December 14, 2017

There is no shortage of creative talent in Fargo…

I love getting to collaborate with other talented creatives to make some magic together. One such opportunity this winter was working with the lovely Maria Helen to make this shoot with Lot 2029 and Olive Branch Botany. To be able to make something lovely in the midst of our cold, dark winters was life giving and so much fun! Be sure to check out all the contributors and I know it’ll leave you feeling inspired! 

Earthy Winter Fargo Fashion

March 20, 2017

Taking photos of your family in your home can sound intimidating.

You’re inviting someone into your life – the mess, the joys, the daily living. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) life is not glamorous and sometimes we find it scary to embrace it. That’s okay! I’m here to settle any nerves and give you a few tips for making the most out of hiring a photographer to document you in your home. 

4 Ways to Prepare for your Home Session

February 27, 2017

It’s obvious that not only do they have this powerful love for each other and God, but for the people around them. Their community rallied around them to celebrate wildly with joy radiating from the whole day

Michela + DeVan || Moorhead, MN Wedding Photographer

October 10, 2016

Here I am at the brink of turning 21 next week, pioneering a new ministry to women in the sex industry, running a photography business, and finishing up my last semester in college with a full-time nonprofit internship. Sometimes I have to remind myself just how wild that actually is.


July 13, 2016


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