Writer + photographer + DREAMER

Writer + photographer + DREAMER

Maybe that sounds corny, but I truly believe it's true. You have passions and ideas that will impact nations and history. The traits that make you unique were designed to make a difference. The crazy ideas that keep you up at night buzzing with excitement are for a purpose. 

It's been a joy and honor to partner with crazy dreamers from all walks of life. I've told stories of nonprofits working globally to make change. I've partnered with brands and boutiques to highlight businesses that give back. I've photographed fellow entrepreneurs so they have content that reflects their heart. Are you next?

The Dreams in your Heart are Meant to Change the World.



-Benjamin Edwards

“In the field, Olivia displayed an incredible sense of compassion for the subjects of the story. More important than 'getting the shot,' Olivia was able to see the soul beyond the story and had a genuine concern for the person on the other side of the camera.”

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